Become: Immortal

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One of our most anticipated releases.  Immortal has a clean and contemporary look that is sure to draw attention.  Japanese denim, with perforated leather bill projects that kosher look that’s on point every time when you are.  You cant help but to be noticed.

#Become Immortal

#Expression Label 

100% hand crafted


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Newest and most requested piece of the Expression Label, Nuvo has a classic and timeless look.  Black and grey (gray) herringbone weaved cloth and featuring a perforated leather bill, this is for those who hustle.  Share your passion,  whatever it is, and express your personal style. Go get it. 

#Nuvo #Hustle

#Expression Label

100% Hand Crafted

BE: Respected


Our first of the Expression Label,  Respected is simple.  Black and white crown with the matching perforated leather bill.  A color combo that is always is respected.  For those who respect the grind, this one is for you.  Do to others what you would like done to you, and then some. 

#Be Respected #Respect

#Expression Label

100% Hand Crafted





n.  Free declaration of one’s thoughts through style or gestures to let em’ know you ain’t playin’ & don't care what they think.  One may bust out randomly spitting old school hip-hop lyrics, so do so with full capability. Wear with caution.
Style is the true expression of yourself, and saying who you are without having to speak a word, just walk in and they know who you are