Remember when headwear was fashionable? When you could wear something casually and for more prestigious occasions.  Headwear’s versatility has changed over time, yet the desire to find something that complements the occasion still remains.  At Mstr Stag we realized that style changes as times do and want to embrace style as it grows. We know that jeans and a sports coat to some, as others wear clean kicks or scooby doos with a nice pair of slacks or chinos is kosher.  The only missing piece is that matching headwear piece.  Similar to a tie or a pair of shoes, the right headwear piece can define your personal style.

Living in Chicago and Nor Cal, we immersed ourselves with these eclectic cultures that inspired us.  Experiencing the semi-casual and subtle fashion scene of Silicon Valley, and humbled and amazed by the iconic culture of Chi-Town, we were influenced all they had to offer.  Even though they are different cultures, one thing remains the same, what you wear says something. No matter the boardroom of the start-up, or capping of the night in a lounge in the loop, we all want something that helps us express ourselves.  We want to offer you that opportunity to express yourself that way and help complete your ensemble.  

Just as any great company, we will work everyday to improve.  We want to give a few pieces that are valuable instead of an abundance of products that have none. We will do our best to exceed expectations, and satisfy our clients. We will strive to keep making our headwear, and anything else we offer you better, including your experience.  We know that in the end you can have the best product and the worst service and that is meaningless to you. 

We also value that our products represent the world.  All of our products will have representation from different parts of the world including and being proud to have products made in the USA.  We believe that the world should work together and that’s the only way to make it better.

Welcome to the Mstr Stag Experience.


- Mstr Stag

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