Whitney Chase




Nationality: Chinese and Vietnamese

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Cupcake, Cookie or Ice Cream:


Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Athletic, Independent, Optimistic, Ambitious


MS: What is your favorite photo that you have taken and why?

WC: I love this photo because it shows me so much of my personality (top of page)

MS: What was the best thing that someone has said about you?

WC: You are the whole package


MS: The best or nicest thing a fan has done for you, that isn't creepy?

WC: I had a someone that traveled all the way from another town to Downtown Toronto to purchase my T-shirt and print. It was extremely sweet of them to go out of their way to meet me!


MS: What makes a man stylish or fashionable to you?

WC: In my opinion, buying expensive clothing is not an easy way of being stylish. Being stylish to me is being able to put together anything and still is able to make it look great


MS: How did you hear about MSTR STAG and what do you think about us?

WC: I heard about MSTR STAG through social media and the items they carry are very classy and stylish!


MS: Top Vacation Spot if money was no option and why?

WC: Since I do love to hike, I would love to go to Yosemite Grand traverse to walk their hiking trail!

MS: Outside modeling, what is one of your goals?

WC: To be a successful animal care worker and foster animals that need homes


MS: Best advice you were ever given?

WC: I’ve been told a lot of great advice. Someone once told me, Work until your idols become your rivals


MS: Advice for aspiring models?

WC: Be confident with who you are and do not stop until you reach your dreams and goals

MS: Anything you want to say to your fans?

WC: I appreciate everyone that has been supporting me through my ups and downs. Constantly checking up on me to make sure everything is going well, It means a lot.