Maya Li

* Maya Li *

Nationality: Chinese/Russian

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Social Media: Instagram

Cupcake, Cookie or Ice Cream 

A cupcake with a cookie base and ice cream on top


Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Kinda weird but not really


MS:     What are your favorite photo that you have taken and why?

ML:     My favorite photos taken would have to be by Joshua Maddox in LA. Because the theme was badass! Post-Apocalyptic-Xena-Warrior


MS:     What was the best thing that someone has said about you?

ML:     That I'm competent enough to rejoin society. (Just kidding. I'm really not)


MS: The best or nicest thing a fan has done for you, that isn't creepy? 

ML: Offered to buy me food. Food is the way to my heart.


MS: What makes a man stylish or fashionable to you?

ML: A complete look that requires some thought and effort.


MS: How did you hear about MSTR STAG and what do you think about us?

ML: From the awesome Mateo himself, and that they have amazing hats! 


MS: What makes our Model Lounge different than others?

ML: The vibe is very positive and chill. The girls are honestly some of the most genuine and nicest people I've met!

MS: How did you hear about Blox Evolution?

ML: Through my first ever photographer Kenny Wong


MS: Top Vacation Spot if money was no option and why?

ML: Take me to Mars! Why? Because it's Mars.


MS: Outside modeling, what is one of your goals?

ML: To write a fantasy adventure novel and be an amateur magician 


MS: Best advice you were ever given?

ML: Don't whistle at night or snakes will come. Asians will get this.


MS: Advice for aspiring models?

ML: Only ever do what you're comfortable with.


MS: Anything you want to say to your fans?

ML: I appreciate all the love I get from you! Please keep supporting me if you believe in future intergalactic space travel and the lizard people